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I am new to PowerApps and have no idea how to begin. I am wanting to create a fillable form to put on Sharepoint so that the inputted info will show in a Sharepoint list.  Once info is inputted I want an Approval Flow (which I think I can figure that out).

I created the form in PowerApp but not sure how to connect it to the Sharepoint list or if that is even the right way to begin. I am having a hard time understanding the difference b/t canvas, model-driven etc. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

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@Tbruns I recommend you go through Microsoft's learning materials starting with the introduction to Power Apps at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2118236


Also, there are some very good videos on YouTube and I particularly like the ones by Shane Young and it's what got me going with Power Apps a couple of years ago. An introductory video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnYe_7fpZRM&t=130s is a bit old but will hopefully give you an good intro.


From your scenario you need to be focussing on either using a Power Apps customised form or, if you want the app to be standalone, then a canvas app. I don't know anything about Model driven apps but think they are primarily for things like Dynamics. I wouldn't worry about them.


The easiest to get started with is a Power Apps customised form on your SharePoint list. Power Apps will create a basic app for you when you select Customized form from the menu in your SharePoint list. The form saves any new or edited items in the list.


The approval flow is done with Power Automate, and if you have columns in your SharePoint list for the approval decision, approval date, approver and approval comments you can get the flow to save the approval details back to the item in the list.


You will have lots of questions but don't hesitate to ask them here.


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@RobElliottThank you for the info. I was able to create the customized form from the Sharepoint List. The form shows when I click on "new" in the list but I would like the form to be on a Sharepoint Page where the users will fill it in. Is that possible?