PowerApps and Content Types

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Does anyone know if it is possible to either select or set the Content Type from a PowerApp attached to a SharePoint List? I am building a PowerApp on alist that has multiple list item Content Types?
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I do not believe you can explicitly select a content type as a data connection. However, when you connect to a SharePoint List you are given all the columns for all the content types that have data in the list, irrelevant of content type. So you will be able to use them in your galleries and formulas. Normally 1 content type has a column value that another doesn't, so you can use filters in your formulas to ensure only the right content type is shown on the form or gallery for example.


If you feel there is a use case for limiting a data connection to only 1 content type, please post that idea here: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/PowerApps-Ideas/idb-p/PowerAppsIdeas

My issue may be slightly different. I have an Intake List with multiple content types. I have successfully used visibility formulas to hide the fields that do not apply to the content type.


With default SharePoint forms, the user select New, then the Content Type desired e.g. "New Employee Onboarding" or "Employee Termination", or "New Hardware or Software Request". Then the form opens with the content type already set and the correct fields. 

With PowerApps, it opens without setting the Content Type. I suppose I can hide all the fields except the Content Type field as a drop down list and then show the appropriate fields after that selection has been made. Going to try that, but if anyone has a better idea, let me know. 


Any luck on your endeavor?  I'm about to look at adding the content type to a form and swapping visibility.

Hello, any update on this? I have exactly the same scenario. Please let me know if you made any progress.