Powerapp's Button is executing Power Automate flow more than once in occasion

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I have a PowerApps with a button to create a couple folders and items on a SharePoint List.


Every once in a while, when a user presses the button to execute the Power Automate, it is executed twice or even thrice, I have absolutaly no idea how this is happening and I made that the button is disabled once clicked for 1 minute, so the user clicking more than once is not an option.


I'll show now the execute history and the commands in the button in order to show all the information:


Execute history, marking the repetitions executed at the same time:


 Revising the executions, we see that it had an issue with Outlook and it had to repeat. I think the PowerApps executed agin the Power Automate when the response takes too long:



Finally, here is the button configuration, the black parts are just more variables:



Does someone know what might be the cause of this duplication?





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