PowerApp and SharePoint Online permissions

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I recently joined a company that uses a PowerApp with SharePoint in the following manner.


When a new project is started, a custom built PowerApp is used to create a new SharePoint Site and that is where the project documentation, meeting minutes, etc will be stored.

During the site creation (or afterwards) project team members are added, again via the PowerApp.

When these new members are added, the PowerApp then calls a PowerShell script which assigns the correct permissions (within SharePoint) to these users (to the project files). The idea here is to ensure only project team members can view the project documents.


My question is this: Is invoking a PowerShell script via the PowerApp to set project team member permissions to the Project documents and site the most efficient way of achieving this goal?

Or, is there a recommended (and maybe better) way?


In the future, we would like to implement Microsoft Purview, so the correct Information Protection sensitivity labels and protection can be applied - but that's in the future.


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