Power Query - Combining by Merge and Append?

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Use Case: I receive 7 data files (csv and Excel), from various suppliers, in various formats. I clean the data through Power Query into the same column headers. I now need to combine these files/tables into a single file to publish to my ecommerce platform. I need to do this based on a single column (lets call it Variant SKU). Example: 


There are 1000's of SKU's with various costs/values, etc. There can also be duplicate SKU's. 


Where i am stuck: If I append the tables, I get duplicate rows of SKU's. And I can't Merge the tables as I have more than 2 tables. 


The Outcome I seek: Is to have a single table, with a list of SKU's and where duplicate SKU's are found, additional columns with the variables (i.e Cost price, Sell Price, etc). 

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