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Hi all, 


I am new to Power Automate and am trying to create a flow that allows me to build a workfolw that will manage a high volume of incoming work to my team. I have created the list and that's all goo but can only seem to get separate elements of my requirements to work at anyone time (have done 200 tests and about  20+ different flows and have conceded and decided to bring in the experts :)


Here are my steps I am trying to achieve:

Create a new item when email is received in a shared mailbox

Export the attachment 

If more than 1 attachment is in the email - I want multiple items in SharePoint to be created (with only 1 attachment per list)

To exclude PNG files

For the attachment to be able to be opened in its original format (excel for example)


I have worked solidly on this for the last 2 days and am losing my mind haha


I can either get it to work where I get 2 items when an email has 2 attachments but either the attachments are not attached or when they are they open in a weird picture file. Have yet to work out the PNG part. 

Please help

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Hi @clairecattell , you need to loop through the attachments and convert the file contents using the 'base64ToBinary' expression in order for them to save and then open correctly.




The expression in this example is: base64ToBinary(outputs('Compose_attachment_content'))