Power Automate SharePoint start flow box not loading

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Hi all,


I've got a power automate flow setup, which links to some SharePoint libraries. 


I have used conditional formatting to display a link to start the flow on a prescribed library item. When this is clicked it brings up the 'Run Flow' form allowing me to enter my input information prescribed in the 'For a Selected Item' action in the flow. 


This works great for the everybody accessing the site; apart from one tenant. These users have the same base permissions as others who can access the flow. When users out of this problem tenant click on the link the run flow box doesn't appear. 


Any ideas why the box isn't loading? any is there anyway for force it's loading so that i can check if the flow will actually run with these users? 


As it is restricted to a specific tenant, I am guessing it may be a licencing issue, but as far as i am aware you shouldn't need any specific licences to be able to run flows?


Any help anybody can provide on this would be gratefully received. 



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did you finally find a solution to this? Having a similiar issue with a specific user where system is neither showing an error nor starting the launch box for the flow. Simply it's loding forever....

@MAEI_CH timely that you should get in touch. Believe we have found the root cause of this problem. 


Within the 'Row only users' setting on the front page of the flow you can select a SharePoint list to give the same users as have access to that list. It appears that the users need contribute permissions on the linked list for the flow to trigger and open up.


This has got it working for us; we are creating a dummy list to simply manage the permissions, as we don't want the end users to have direct access onto the lists that the flow operates out of. 


Hope this helps.

@jgordon2170 thanks a lot for the suggestion. Would love to try it out - but the whole setup around sharepoint lists seems to have some bugs. I can only select 2 of the lists I have created on my sharepoint. There are around 20 other ones not display. 


Did you do anything special on the lists as such in order to trigger them showing up in Flow?

@MAEI_CH you seem to need to actively call something out from the list. I haven't worked out what works exactly yet; but i was planning on creating that dummy list and just doing a get sharepoint item on it.

I'll report back when I get chance to have a play.

@MAEI_CH you don't need to do anything special to make your lists show up in Power Automate. But the dropdown doesn't update dynamically, so make sure you go back to My Flows then edit the flow again. Your lists should be there under the site they were created in.


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Hi Rob, the issue isn't in the actual power automate; it is within the Run only users settings where you can specify a SP list to use as the basis.
i found out how the list that can be selected are defined. Every list that is referenced in the specific flow will be shown in the dropdown.

Awaiting my end-user test with the contribute permission on a specific list.

@MAEI_CH did another test this morning. Working fine with my user.

Properly authorized another User to have Contribute and Edit rights for the List he is launching the flow from. Only getting this white field with a turning circle in it....

Hello, everybody. 


Do you all reckon that the external user condition has something to do with this problem?

In my case, external users with a specific domain cannot launch workflows, as they get the white loading window infinitely.

What could be the reason? Would it be related to their AD configuration?



@MAEI_CH I have exact the same problem. I found out that if a user opens https://make.powerautomate.com/ previously and selects his region, for example Switzerland, he can start the Flow from the library / item itself... Can you please try this and confirm? It's of course not the way it should work but I can be a workaround for now.

@Sandro Ineichen and @MAEI_CH

I can confirm that having [the users] select their region from https://make.powerautomate.com resolves the issue of flows not starting.