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Hi all ,


I'm using the microsoft lists app within my microsoft teams . Whenever a new item is added to the list , I have power automate run a flow to send an e-mail .

This works fine for me . But for my admin , who also has owner rights to our teams , this flow doesn't run whenever she adds an item to the list . This flow always fails .

It's about permissions , how do I set them up for my teams collegues ??

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@bwillocx if you are using the Send an Email (v2) action then it will fail for your admin as she won't have send privileges from your email account. You should create a shared mailbox where each of you have full send privileges and then use the send an email from a shared mailbox action.


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Thanks for the reply Rob . I will setup a shared mailbox and try again .

Greetings , Bart

Hi, @bwillocx


I know it is not quite what you asked, but if you are looking to receive simple email notifications for lists I use the Automate rules that are baked into lists. They are not super sophisticated, but they work



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Hi Simon , thanks for your reply . I use "lists" within my "teams " application . It seems I don't have the full capabilities here
Hi Simon , if I open the list in the lists app I can create the rule and this works fine .
Thank you for the support.