Power Automate Request approval email formatting top link

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Hi, I have created a straightforward approval flow from a Sharepoint list and the request email that is being generated from the Approval step seems to have a poorly formatted extra link for the title at the top of the email (after the requested by and prior to the body of the email).

Is there anyway of hiding this or applying some formatting to it. This is not in the body of the email itself and Markdown doesn't seem to work in the title field




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The approval is getting an attachment from a SharePoint list and linking to it. In order to do this, the attachments must be cycled through with an "Apply to each" action and then appended as a variable. Even if I just put the URL in, which the documentation states will be a link, it is not a link but just plain text in the Markdown formatted section of the Approval email.

@Lewis-H  Many thanks for replying. Apologies but I am a complete Automate newbie and a bit confused. There are no attachments on this sharepoint list item. Are you saying that the Approval task has added the list item as an attachment to itself. 
This is just the content of the Title field which appears fine in the email title but is replicated as a link to the Power Automate Approvals screen (same as selecting one of the buttons).