Power Automate not detecting items with high ID

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I have a Power Automate that should detect all items within a folder and modify them all depending on the name.


I have noticed that doesnt matter in which folder I activate this, it always ignores some items, the last ones thus with the latest ID


Does someone know the cause of this issue?


Power Automate:




Here showing as the last 3 folders from the Folder don't have any updateed info (they should be marke as "Expedient", too:






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Hi @Azaak,


Does your list have more than 5,000 items? Lists can store more than 5,000 but a view can only return 5,000. It might explain why your app is not getting the results that you expect.


I hope this helps.



Hi @Azaak
As mentioned by @stormin_30 there is the 5000-item limit for the "Get Item" trigger.
Even when "Top Count" attribute is set higher than five thousand.

I was confronted with a similar problem.
This link was immensely helpful to me at that time.

How to get more than 5000 items from SharePoint Online in Flow

by Alex Tofan's blog


Hope it can help you too.