Power Automate - Fail to list ALL files in Onedrive

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Hi all,




I am following this youtube video to send emails from excel with PDF attachments. 

The flow did work.



But there is an issue on step 2 - List Files in Folder. 

PowerAutomate failed to list all files on Onedrive. I got 49 files on OneDrive. No sub-folder.
But I checked, PowerAutomate is only be able to return 20 sth files. random files. not even top 20.


This is the setting of that action - List Files in Folder. 



Not sure which part goes wrong.


Would be great if you guys can give me some hints to edit the flow.




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@cgshirley in the settings for the List files in a folder, turn on the pagination toggle and set the threshold to 2000 and see if that helps.


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