Power Automate - Email Lookup field's value

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I'm new to Power Apps and Power Automate.

I have created a Model-driven app with a DataVerse backend.


When an invoice gets paid, I want to send an email with details of the invoice, the case no and the clients name. I am able to get the invoice and case details I need but to get the client details I need to go through the case table. 


I have used List Rows and Variables to get the case details.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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@macinet did you figure this out?



Describe your issue :) 


If you want the email of a lookup field in PowerApps you need to add it to the lookup field, there will be a checkbox for that. Check those field you want to show up and you can use them in PowerApps



Screenshot 2022-10-24 201012.png

@Gdrum69 yes I did thank you

Thanks, haven't seen this before. I'll check it out.