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I'm trying to setup power automate flow to send an email, based on a choice selection within a list.


Example someone submits a request and the column "Status" automatically sets to submitted until it is reviewed.  Once reviewed and if accepted, I want an email to be triggered to the requestor.  So once "Status" column changes to accepted the email should be triggered.  


I've configured the flow (screenshot below), but I get the following error: ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied. The execution of template action 'Send_an_email_(V2)' skipped: the branching condition for this action is not satisfied.  Can anyone advise where I'm going wrong?





Thanks in advance


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Make sure you've got your terms sorted out: you've got a condition that says accepted but the text in your post says approved.
Sorry, error on my part. Accepted is correct, will edit my post



HI did you get this resolved please?

@goulp99 @MAJIDAM It's not an error message, it just means the flow didn't go down that channel. For the original poster it presumably went down the red if no channel. It's always a good idea to add one or more Compose actions to each channel so you can see what each part of the condition is returning.


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Hi ROb, not sure why my flow does not get that far and I am seeing the same message:


The flows objective is to send an email to the creator of an issue when the status is changed to "closed".






Any ideas?






@MAJIDAM as you can see, your flow went down the red if no channel because the condition resulted in false. Is your status column a choice column? If so you need to select Status Value from the dynamic content box, not Status. Also make sure your SharePoint column has closed, not Closed as the condition is case-sensitive.


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Rob you are a genious, the flow is working now!
Thank you

Any idea or suggestion on how to learn the expressions. That is the part which I really find an obstacle in using power automate. For example yesterday I followed a video on getting the responses from a multi choice answer to a SP list but I really didn't understand how the expressions worked. I copied the steps and it worked but if I had to recreate without referencing I know I will struggle.