Power Apps - Custom lists form - Filter and hide choices based on other column values

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Custom Lists form via Power Apps. 

We are using MS List for some data entry, and im trying out some custom form setups in power apps. The issue im having relates to branching choices needed for the form:

Column/Field 1 "Account"
Field 1 choice values: "Bank" and "Deposit"


Column/Field 2: "Action"
Field 2 choice values: "Ban1" "Bank2" "Bank3" "Deposit1" "Deposit2" "Deposit3"


What I am trying to accomplish:

  1. Start by only seeing the field "Account"
  2. Chose the "Deposit" value from "Account"
  3. Field "Action" appears
  4. The choices in "Action" is just related to deposit "Deposit1" "Deposit2" "Deposit3"
  5. Vise versa if "Bank" is selected in "Account"


Anyone have suggestions on how i could go about this? 


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