Power Apps button+PA flow to save files in Sharepoint library

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Hi there!

I need assistance with adding flow to a button in Power apps(canvas) to save taken pictures to a SharePoint library.

I have a camera control on a screen with the following formula:




Next, I created the flow within PowerApps, named 'Pictures'.




at the bottom of the screen I added the button with the following formula:

OnSelect = Pictures.Run("My Image.jpg", First(CameraImage).Url)

but the formula shows the errors:




Any ideas how to resolve the issue and make the button and the flow working?
Much thanks in advance!

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@Tania950 How many inputs you requested in your Power automate flow from Power Apps?


Try using Power Apps V2 trigger instead of Power Apps trigger, V2 trigger allows you to define the expected inputs explicitly in trigger definition.

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