Power app issue - Develop monthly report

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Hi , I am looking to create a power app to build automated monthly excel report from Sharepoint list and send it through power automate. Any way to achieve it ? 

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@Bd2023-b Can you provide some more information? Is there a reason why you want to create an app instead of running an automated flow?

@HelloBenTeoh - Just checking different option . Want to build an app / workflow to create a monthly report from Sharepoint list and build a excel report each month and send it by email. The Sharepoint list get new data each day so just need to pull last month only each time it  run monthly (schedule flow) and send it. 

@Bd2023-b All good. It sounds like you're just looking for the solution and not necessarily the use of Power Apps vs Power Automate.


Power Automate will get you started. These links will help with creating an Excel doc, how to import from Lists and also how to filter your query by date. Good luck!