Populate Word with Image from Sharepoint List

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Hi there.....


I have what I thought would be a simple task (famous last words...)


I have a sharepoint list that gets updated when someone fills out a form.  They take a photo of what they are looking at and it gets populated to the excel sheet and also onto this list where thumbnails pop up.




I need to generate a pdf report from this data.  I have been able to write a flow to pull all of the list data into repeated sections in the document template and populate the word document. 


HOWEVER....the image URL's are getting populated in the word doc instead of the image thumbnail.


Does anyone know how to render the image in the word document from the http:// URL in the sharepoint list?


Thanks in advance!








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@LeoNYC did you find a solution. im working on similar issue.
Me too!!!!!! I have to put 300 entries into a word/pdf from a sharepoint list, some with pictures and some without!