Please Use The Official Microsoft Flow Community


Hi Everyone! 


I'm Jon Levesque, a Senior PM on the Microsoft Flow Team. I'm here because i noticed a fair amount of activity in this tech community area and I wanted to be sure to invite you all to the Official Microsoft Flow Community! Its a much more focused area for learning about Flow and connecting with other Flow users, as we have over 60,000 active community members there every month. 


We have the Flow Community Blog where you can write blogs or read what other Flow fans are writing about.

We have the Flow Cookbook to share your Flow solutions with others.

We have the Flow Ideas section where the engineering team prioritizes your feedback.

We have the Webinar and Video gallery where all of the Flow video material is cataloged.

And most importantly, we have a full time support team who is there to MAKE SURE your questions are being answered. 


Please come be a part of the official community and take part in the experience that the engineering team has created!


If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to me!




- Jon Levesque


(PS - There is also an Official PowerApps Community full of PowerApps resources, similar to what Microsoft Flow has above.)



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Why is this separate from the Tech Community? I thought the whole point of the Tech Community was to unify the Office 365, Azure and Windows communities?

Having a completely separate site just fragments the user experience as people have another place to go to post questions or answer them..

@Anna Chu @Michael Holste

Totally agree with Loryan comments here, but the fact is that Flow, Power Apps and Power BI they all have their independent community spaces out of the Tech Community. I also think this is partially due to the fact that all those communities where already existing before the Tech Community was born

Hi Loryan,

Although that may be the vision of the tech community to have all communities in one place, we on the Flow team want to make sure you have the very best experience in community and learning so we have made significant investments on our own to ensure that you receive just that.

Yeah, but the Office 365 community also existed before Tech Community - and that moved!
I expected that answer, and unfortunately that's the exact problem: "we think we can do it better, so we're going to do it this way".
I don't purport to understand the internal workings of Microsoft community managers and product groups around decisions like this, but from my perspective when others are coming together its disappointing that Flow & PowerApps have the view of "we're different, so we're going to be over here thank you very much".
To be clear: I don't expect a conversation or to change anyone's mind, just as a MVP that points people to the Tech Community for their answers, it's already frustrating that I have point people on here to UserVoice for one function and now PowerApps and Flow somewhere else because they want to do things their way.

Hi Loryan, I can understand that perspective entirely. It makes sense why you would see it that way. Lets get it all under one roof to save the user a few clicks! it makes sense.


I will also share my perspective and clarify a few things, if i may.


First, I'm not just a community manager. I'm a Senior Program Manager. Its my job to think of engagement, community, content and evangelistic activity all up. Its my charter to ENSURE that customers not only have a community to ask questions but to be thinking through how those questions get answered and how i can help make sure that the person answering that question really knows what they're talking about.

I want to make sure that YOUR Customers, who are going to interact with Microsoft flow have all of the materials they need to be successful, whether that's forums, blogs, videos, documentation, guided learning or a live webinar... And so we, at the Flow team decided that "unification" into a platform, for the purpose of unification wasn't good enough... We wanted to ensure that we created an ecosystem around our product that breathed success - and so we chose to do it differently.


Not because "we think we can do better" but because after we investigated all of our options.. we decided that the best thing for your customers and ours, was to build our own system... and if activity and quality of content are any indications to success, i would invite you to go and see for yourself how the Flow community works

Happy to chat more anytime about this and i would love for you to come be part of the official community. I really appreciate your passion in speaking up about this and making your opinion known


Thanks so much!

- Jon

Jon, since that is the case, please get this community space closed down and redirects implemented so that we only have one place to visit. 


In my opinion, Having this space under the SharePoint community was never a good location.