Patching Powerapp to Sharepoint List anonymously

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I've built a powerapp that patches data into a sharepoint list. 

I want to offer the ability for users to stay anonymous, and can achieve this on the front end with no problems. However, the sharepoint list tracks who created the entry in the list. So, if you go to the row details, you can see who created it.


Is there any way I can either turn off this tracking or prevent that information from being passed from the powerapp?


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You can do this by calling a Flow and create a listitem via that, as long as the flow runs in the context of another account it can be "anonymous" by enabling sure input.

@barryjarvis You cannot achieve this using only PATCH function in power apps. You have below options:

  1. Pass data from Power apps to power automate flow and use the power automate flow with service account (admin) account to create items in SharePoint lists
  2. If you are using complex data in power apps and unable to pass it all to power automate or facing any issue: You can copy the item from the current list after PATCH and add it to another list using power automate flow as given in this thread.

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You will need to use a Power Automate flow that performs a "Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint" Action to the url

_api/web/lists/getbytitle('list name')/items(<itemid>)/validateUpdateListItem 

using this body


  "formValues": [
                     "FieldValue":"my new Title"


You will have so specify which fields to set in the json array