Outlook Scheduling via Sharepoint Flow

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My team has a Microsoft Teams form that we send out for scheduling events. This teams form then populates on a sharepoint only accessible to our team and not to our entire company. I'm setting up a flow that whenever an item is created in that sharepoint that it will then create an event to automate our scheduling process (currently I have to send out meeting invites for each event and we have hundreds a year). In our form we have a field that requires the person submitting it lists their email. For some reason, I'm not able to add this dynamic content with their email to the required attendees field in the create event section. Is there a way to fix this? I've attached a screenshot. I'm not able to use the "Created by email" because the sharepoint populates via our team's email and not the user's email.


I'm also not sure how I can set the end time for one hour from the requested time (our events take an hour), currently it is automatically making the meeting request 30 minutes, any ideas here?

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Hi @gwcpye,


You will need an additional column in the List to store the user email. Code, in PowerApps, or functionality, in Forms, should provide you with the current user information that you are looking for.


I hope that helps.