OnEdit not firing - PowerApps with SharePoint integration

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With an list custom form, I'm trying to switch screens depending on the list data.  According to the doc I've found, the appropriate place to do this is in the OnEdit event in the SharePointIntegration component.  The issue is that OnEdit does not appear to fire in certain contexts, so the evaluation and process to switch screens does not occur, thus showing an incorrect screen.

An example:

1. User selects to edit list item1, upon which FormScreen1 shows.

2. User changes the data in item1 and saves the data (all in the app).  

3. Confirm that the current view shows the edited data, which specifies that FormScreen2 should show on edit. 

4. User selects to edit list item1 - the app usually displays FormScreen1.  All variables and other processes in OnEdit indicate that OnEdit did not fire.

5. If significant time passes, if the user performs a hard refresh, or if the user opens another browser to the same list, then usually OnEdit will fire and FormScreen2 will show for list item1.


Has anyone observed a similar issue?  Is there a different approach and or a work around which I should employ?  

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I also met this bug, OnEdit event will not fire when select an item in list, and click Edit button in top left.

only fire when right click -> Edit or double click -> Edit all

This bug will cause very serious issue, I can only coach people not click the Edit button