ODATA Filter Query not valid when it should be

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I’m deeply confused with Power Automate Get Items ODATA Filter Queries. They are completely illogical. With one choice column called “Status”, it works absolutely fine. With another choice column called “Sway Status” on the same list, it errors every single valid Filter Query I give it.

> The syntax is correct, it is identical syntax to the one that works.

> It recognises the column exists, otherwise it prints a different error along the lines of “The column may have been removed” when it can’t find the column

> I have tried quote escaping. Doesn’t work

The experimental feature to simplify filter queries isn’t there anymore, so I’m stuck with these queries that seem to only work if you’re lucky and the winds blowing in the right direction. Please help.


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Have you tried using SwayStatus? When you go into List Settings and then click the column, the URL will show you the true column name at the end of the URL. It won't have any spaces.
Just tried it. Still doesn’t work even without the spaces unfortunately.

Hi @BenMercer 


If SwayStatus eq 'To Do' didn't work, you can also try Sway_x0020_Status eq 'To Do'.


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To check the column name you could use the below URL to find the internal name of the column

_api/web/lists/getbytitle('List Name')/fields

@Damien Rosario this didn’t work either. Same bad request error. Like I said, it clearly knows the column exists, otherwise it throws back a different error when it can’t find the column. The bad request error seems to be it saying it’s found the column, but is complaining that the syntax is wrong, when it isn’t.

Strange issue @BenMercer .


Only other thing I can think of is to check that your value 'To Do' doesn't contain an extra space after 'Do'. That would break your filter query if it does have it.


Otherwise, for now, I can't think of anything else to suggest trying.




Yeh, I tried it with another choice option in the column ‘Complete’, and it Bad Requested that aswell. I’m giving up on this Filter Query and will either use a condition control, or just do this task manually if it’s not that intensive.