Not able to fetch data source from custom API in Power apps

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Hello Team,


I have created a  custom azure API which get records from the sharepoint multiple lists based on some business needs.

Now we have created a custom connectoes in Power app.


When i tested the custom connectors below json is display.


"[{\"odata.type\":\"SP.Data.InvoiceapprovaltasksListItem\",\"\":\"4d5eb3aa-f285-48f6-90e0-32514b5177f6\",\"odata.etag\":\"\\\"3\\\"\",\"odata.editLink\":\"Web/Lists(guid'6d41d1bb-b5a0-42e6-a723-2b0ea2ccf7fe')/Items(334)\",\"TestInvoiceUniqueRefID@odata.navigationLinkUrl\":\"Web/Lists(guid'6d41d1bb-b5a0-42e6-a723-2b0ea2ccf7fe')/Items(334)/TestInvoiceUniqueRefID\",\"TestInvoiceUniqueRefID\":{\"odata.type\":\"SP.Data.InvoicetrackerListItem\",\"\":\"3b82e4a6-c9b2-4480-970e-6f7d6795cfed\",\"TestInvoiceUniqueID\":\"Invoice000326\",\"TestInvoiceNumber\":\"1\",\"TestTotalGrossValue\":500000.0,\"TestVendorName\":\"GHD PTY LTD\",\"TestGeneratedPrNo\":null,\"TestInvoiceDate\":\"2017-11-30T18:30:00Z\"},\"Id\":334,\"ID\":334}]"


Created  a new Power app from blank phone layout.

Added new gallary in power app.

Selected connector from datasource to select the datasource.

Added method GetRecords() in items formula but it gives the error that "The property expects table values but this rule produces incompitable text values


Also i found that there are not no data source is selcted even i have selected it from connectors


I have found that Power apps forms are supoprtaed tabular datasorce.

1)How can i create a tabular data source from cusom API?


2)Is power apps suported json format ? if yes then in which format Json pass from API?

3)Should we convert json to tabular format in power apps?



Thank You


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