Need help retrieving MS Form response and insert it into a cell in .xlsx

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Hi MS Power Automate Specialists, Experts and Gurus,


May I trouble you to help me a little bit with this question?


I created an MS Form to get a text response and then I would like to insert this text into E2 cell and send me an email with this excel file attached.



Basically, I can just create new .xlsx in my Onedrive/Sharepoint and use create a table then update row actions in the flow, but I do not want to place the file temporarily to any place, I need it to be sent to my email directly.


By doing so, I use Compose action to get the file content 



and then use the Send an email action to send that file.

but the problem is the .xlsx created and attached in the email cannot be open due to a file error.


I suppose there's something wrong with the file content in the Compose action

	"$content-type": "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet",
	"$content": [{
		"cms_item_id": "120978",
		"data_version": "A",
		"translated": "TRUE",
		"language_id": "6",
		"data": "@{outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r1c6600e386c648b3a04e9bce374cce47']}",
		"record_status": "1",
		"created_by": "",
		"created_when": "",
		"last_modified_by": "",
		"last_modified_when": ""


Could you please help verify and suggest how I should fix the code to make this flow work?


Thank you in advance


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