Multi Level Approval TEAMS Approval App Issue

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I have a multi level approval configured in Power Automate (3 people must approve). It is triggered when a new item is created in a SharePoint List.


When a new item is created in a SharePoint list, an approval request goes to manager 1....if he approves, I have another conditions that says if the Outcome = Approve -  start and wait for approval (which goes to manager 2),...if manager 2 approves, I have a third condition that says start and wait for approval (which goes to manager who is the final approver)..... If manager 3 approves it sends an email to original requestor.  All of this is working fine however; the Approval APP in MS TEAMS shows the "Final Status" as "Approved" only after the 1st manager approves the request.....even if the 2nd or third manager rejects the approval request, it TEAMS Approvals APP  shows as approved (because the 1st manger approved it) there a way to fix this? I would like to TEAMS APP to show the final status as "approved" ONLY after the third manager of now it shows "approved" as soon as the 1st manager approves. All 3 managers should approve before the TEAMS Approval APP shows the request "Final Status = Approved

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We're having the same problem, too. We have a multi-stage approval process, but it's very confusing from an end user perspective when they see "final status" from the first stage, when it's not really "final status".