MS graph - query to get sites using the relative path name and more

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Hi there,

I want to be able to get some sites in a tenancy but not just based on the name of the site but using a relative path.
Is this possible...

Currently i can use the invoke HTTP and i can get some sites back by doing this below$top=50

But it gets some sites back but not sure what the search here is doing but i can see some other sites are also returned which is not ABC. I want it to search using the server relative path
The question though is how can I use something like the below in power automate

What i need where is to be able to search for  sites that contains ABC at the end of the above URL

Is this possible?

The documentation here Get SharePoint site by path - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs doesn't help at all

One last question is can get the following values below when i use graph via power automate?
- Owner
- Template

Thanks in advance
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