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I work with Smartsheet, OneNote and Teams. Within these 3 platforms, there is work where I create tasks that are assigned to someone in my team.
I could be doing a plan review, document or minutes in OneNote or a conversation in msteams.
This means I would need 1 common place to bring the tasks together.

What I am testing is to use planner to collect all tasks. Another thing is that I want to automate this procedure. And because this application dont seem to integrate directly with planner, So my logic is:

Get the applications to post an update with the task details to a msteam channel. Then I could use MS flows to pick up this channel post and import into planner as a task.

I am unable to create a successful flow that does this. Also, I seem to be missing a logic that would allow the flow to pick up the team member's name to whom the task would be assigned to.

Any ideas?

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Hi, @Rui Cabral , what have you got so far?


Give us a screenshot of the logic so far, and then of some of the important steps blown up / expanded (if scoped).


I'm going to try to recreate your situation in the meantime. : - )


EDIT 1 - I meant to add: I've done something similar to this previously, and it shouldn't hurt too much, however you may need to involve a SharePoint list ... can't remember!

Also, stop by the Power Automate Community, I have a feeling this will have been discussed there!


EDIT 2 - Since this is still fresh, I'll edit, lest we end up bumping. Looking more at your use case, I'd say you need to decide which application is going to *drive* the new tasks. Since teams is just a chat application, unless you've got bots running you'll have to literally open SmartSheet to create new items and tasks. (I have not even heard of SS up until this point ... no irritation intended, but why not use a MS solution?)

Since SmartSheet (thus far) is the only place you're seemingly managing workflow, then, I'd just recommend not using Planner at all. Add a tab in any team that requires it to the SmartSheet designation that's required.


If you're running projects, and you wish to have up to date project activity in associated SharePoint sites, though, then, yes, you will just need to work on some logic to mirror basic task details into Planner using the flow connectors. Probably based on "When a new row is created" and "When a sheet is updated" triggers, with more and more complicated actions as you see fit in Planner.


Just remember, the Planner connector is still a bit raw, but it's come a long way even in the last couple of months in terms of functionality. You may need to leverage Microsoft's APIs using premium connectors. Or, work with SharePoint lists and/or the SharePoint connector's "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" action.