MS Flow workflow showing when list columns have missing required fields

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I have a SharePoint Library that has certain required fields that are needed for the Flow workflow to run correctly.  I noticed that when I click the ellipsis () that the Flows for the site do not show, which is preferred (see below).  However, the same Library shows the Flow workflow attached to the Library when I access the command bar(see below).  Need to know if there is a way to disable the command bar from showing the workflow?  It is an issue to have my users have access to run a workflow that will automatically error out if ran. Also, it is time consuming to re-work and set-up parts of the existing flow to look for the ten (10) required fields to avoid this issue which seems to be a disconnect between the ellipsis and the command bar.


From Command BarFrom Command BarFrom EllipsisFrom Ellipsis

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Hi @MaquedaH 


Previous discussions on the forum appear to indicate that there's no way to do that at this time.


There's an article here that may assist but you'll need to decide how useful it is?


Best wishes with this one. I understand the issue but not sure if there's a way to resolve it as yet!



Thank you@Damien Rosario


While informative my company is not using PowerShell and was looking for an out of the box solution.  Our practice within the company is based off the IT developers’ rules for SharePoint, which is no custom coding or changes that may impact other areas or future Microsoft updates.