MS Flow - Sharepoint Doc Library - if approver edits document

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I have a MS flow approval flow set up working fine if a document is approved and also if its rejected. However, if the approver receives the approve/reject email and then opens word and makes changes or comments within document and saves, the document then saves in draft status back to sharepoint. If the approver then clicks reject, flow will give an error as its draft status not pending status.


What can I add to the current flow to address this please?

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HI @andreaburgess1976 


If you can show your flow, we'll have a look!




@Damien Rosario apologies :) hope you can see these ok



Hi @andreaburgess1976 


I suspect you might need to retrieve the file properties first and then apply that to set content approval status as the status has changed since the start of the flow.


Give it a go and let me know if that solves it?