MS Flow: How to use the results of an "Action" in subsequent condition

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I would like to send out an email notification if the previous action fails.  Is there a way to capture the results of the previous action so that i can use it in subsequent conditional action?  



Step 1: Create File

Step 2: Conditional Email notification based on Step 1's results.   


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If you create a file, what would the different outcomes be? Are you thinking if the action fails and cannot create the file? That's not doable afaik, but you could do a condition based on something else on the fileitem itself.


If you could give some more information about what condition on an action you are looking for that would help.

Thanks Mikael.

Essentially, the issue is how to know that the previous action wasn't successful.


Another scenario would be say I am adding an item into a list and it fails to add (e.g. required field missing or item already exists).  


I want to be able to take an action based on that failure.


If item is successfully added, send "success" notification.

If item is not successfully added, send "failed to add" notification.


Hope this clarifies the issue.



Right now you would have to do a Logic App instead of Flow to handle this scenario. Take a look at