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I have a question regarding modern Team Sites in SPO. Are Team sites harder to manage? Do they require more knowledge and effort to backup and migrate? I am working with a customer that is wanting to possibly allow their power users in each department to create Team Sites and are not sure what the implications are. There is also a concern for migrating at a later time to another tenant if the company gets purchased. Can anyone please provide some clarity or provide resources / info on this?



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Modern Team Sites are not harder to manage and you don't need more knowdlege and effort to backup and migrate as long as you are thinking on migrating the content that is in the Team Sites. In regards of migrating your modern sites to another tenant, bear in midn you will need a migration tool for that purpose

Thank you for the reply @Juan Carlos González Martín. I do have some more clarity on requirements. They have some divisional SharePoint sites created with the good ol' collaboration site templates, whereas some of the departments that report under each division have created Team Sites. 

What they want to do now is align all of the Team sites under their respective divisions' collaboration sites. I don't think this is possible (is it?) 


My idea is to create a hub site for each division and (if possible) move over the collaboration sites under each respective hub while 'connecting' the Team sites to each hub as well. This will allow IT to backup all content, maintain order for each division and make the suggestion that the collaboration content is slowly transitioned over to each Team site in time. 


What are your thoughts?