Moving files from Teams SharePoint to a SharePoint library

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Good evening all,

I've been trying to create flows that will move files that are created in a Teams SharePoint library into a SharePoint library that will act as a repository.


The doesn't seem to be any way to copy files as they are added to the Teams SharePoint directly to the SharePoint repository.  I've tried creating a flow that would copy directly, and I've tried creating a flow that would move the files from the Teams SP site to OneDrive, and then move the files from OneDrive to the SP repository, but no luck.


This really shouldn't be this hard to do, but MS seems to like to make things difficult for everyone.  Anyone have any thoughts on how to go about this?

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Not sure how you are creating your FLow, but your scenario is quite common and well described here: Bear in mind this post is "old" so you might need to make some adjustments in the Flow, but the idea is just what is explained there