Move documents between SharePoint libraries based on a metadata condition

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I am trying to set up a flow such that when a file status is set to "Approved" power automates copies of that file to a new document library where others can access the approved documents. 

I've checked the Status Value equals are all the same in both SharePoint and the flow. 

When the flow runs it says it was successful yet I get the below error. I've tried multiple different options for the status value setting and cant seem to get it to recognise there are files there with that status. 








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What is the type of Status column? is it Managed Metadata or Choice column?



It seems that in Get Files property you are using wrong path in Limit Entries to Folder property. As per your screen shot it's /Shared Documents/SVC and Library name which you are using it "Published Reports"




Have you changed Title of default document library to "Published Reports" from "Shared Documents"




yes I have. but I've tried running it with the other library name (i switched names around) option and it fails with an error code 





Now it says folder is not exist. so make sure that "SWC" folder is exist in the source library.





Thanks @kalpeshvaghela

yeah, it exists. I've reverted document libraries to their original names and that seems to have helped. The flow works but no documents copy over.