Move data from Microsoft forms to an Excel sheet automatically

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I'm wondering if this can be done please and if so, how? 


I have a list of people that contains their name, number, email etc.. 


I then message them asking them to fill out a Microsoft Form to book an appointment with me. 


Instead of filtering through the form and spreadsheet manually, I want the form to be able to maybe put an X or something next to a persons name in my spreadsheet to say that they've booked/filled out the form or even input the date they have selected so then I know who to chase up if they haven't booked. 


So I want excel to cross match the form responses and update each individual automatically. 

I've tried looking on flows/automations but not a clue where to start!


Is this possible? If so can someone explain how please?

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I wouldn't use Excel but a SharePoint list! Create a SharePoint list with the diffrent field and match with the form and then use Power Automate to populate it. Give it a try and ping me if you get stuck and I'll help you out :)