Move a file to a folder in the same library without read permission

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How do I move a file in a Sharepoint Online library to a folder in the same library using a Power Automate flow, but without the user having access to the destination folder?

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You want to move file in same library using Power Automate but Account which you are using for Power  Automate does have only read permission. If my understanding is correct then you need to use App Only Authentication which required to register application and provide necessary permission to application.

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@spena1611 To move files from one folder to another folder, you will need Edit/Full Control permissions on source folder and Contribute or higher permissions on destination folder.


You can create app registration as mentioned by @kalpeshvaghela below. However, it might be a overkill sometimes for just single requirement of moving files. So, try to run the flow using Site Collection Administrator (SCA) account in SharePoint site (if you can get it) or request at least Full control access on library for your account temporarily from IT/admin team.

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Hi @spena1611 , I do things like this all the time, using a service account. Essentially you have a generic account as the owner of the Flow and an appropriate trigger. You can use a PowerApp to display the contents of a document library and have the user initiate any document move/transfer from the app. The Flow would be triggered and the document moved.