Modify the Approval Requests CDS Browse screen to show a link to the MS Flow Approval items

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I were trying to embed the MS Flow Approval Page inside a SharePoint modern page using the Embed modern web part, but seems i can not do this, so i am planning to build a PowerApp which reads the MS Flow Approvals requests and then embed the PowerApp inside SharePoint.

This is the MS Flow requests page:-



So first step i did is that i add a new PowerApp from CDS >> Approval Requests, as follow:-







where i will get this Browse screen automatically:-




Now i need to modify this Built-in browse screen, to show URLs which will take the user to the MS flow Approve/Reject screen.. i found that i can access these data..




But i am not sure if i can use/benefit from this data to build a URL to the MS Flow Approvals items? so the user from the PowerApp Browser screen can click on a link which will open this MS flow screen to provide a response:-





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