Migrating canvas Power apps from one Dev to UAT & Prod

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    I have running app in production in which I have to do some enhancements. Its solution maintain in DEV, UAT & Prod environment. So if in dev solution i made copy of dev app & made changes in it and then i rename with original app in dev environment. after this solution i moved to UAT & Prod then it will replace existing app or create new app? if i want replace existing app what process should i follow





Yusuf Shaikh

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Hi @YusufShaikh900,


Creating a copy of an app inside a solution will not replace the app with a similar name in the solution in the UAT and prod environments.


If you want to replace the app, you need to replace it in the Dev environment and then export the updated app to UAT and prod environments.

I am doing changes Dev environment but i have created copy of existing dev environment & after all changes done i am changing it's name with existing app. & exporting this solution to UTA & Prod... So it will replace existing UAT & prod app? or its creating new app in UAT & prod?