Microsoft Planner Flow Actions

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Im currently working with a client who loves Planner but dont use Exchange online or Hybrid Exchange so are not getting email notifications.


So we thought about using Flow to send notifications using the "When a new task is created" or When a task is assigned to me". The assigned to me appears to only pull tasks from the user creating the connection in flow which is understandable.


However when a new task is created its sending an email but there is no Assigned to information in the Trigger Body. So we cant then send an email to that person who has got the new task.


Does anyone know a way around this, or how to send email notifications using Flow instead of the OTB which isnt available according to our knowledge.

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So assignments can be pulled via Office graph with the Planner calls, but it's not easy to do, would have to look at creating flows using office graph. Then you can pull the assignment out into an array or what not, then send e-mail based on that.

The biggest issue you'll run into thou is anytime a task changes or something adds someone to a task after it's been created since there is no "When Planner task changes" trigger.

The only way you can do it really is have your users create a flow for themselves using the "when task is assigned to me." action.

I would check into SharePoint list for task list, it's not pretty but you can do anything you want with it.