Microsoft Flow Best Practices

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What are the best practices of Managing Flows in an enterprise enviroonment in terms of:

- restricting who can create flow

- account to use for creating flows

- source control or versioning of flows and how to update Flows that are in production

- documenting Flows?  Do I take snapshots and create word documents around the functionality of the Flow or is there a way to export the Flow into Visio as we do with SPD Workflows?

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I'm not sure if Microsoft Flow can be considered currently as an enterprise ready the way, there is a lack of documentation from Microsoft in the areas you have described
Juan is correct in that Flow is still in Preview and shouldn't be considered ready for 'enterprise' production environments. I do not currently know of documentation or guidance in the areas you are asking about - however you are asking good questions. Stay tuned!
Is there any update on this original query? I would also like to know how to restrict access to Flow?

Hi all, to ensure Flow is used securely in your enterprise, you can setup Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies:

Is there any update on this? Specifically, I'd like to understand how to version a Flow that is already in production?