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I am trying to make this date recieved field visible if the checkbox is checked and not visible is the checkbox not is checked. Can't really get it to work. Any suggestions ?



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In the OnVisible property of your screen, create a Context Variable and set it's value to false.

 UpdateContext({cVisible: false})


Then set the calandar controls Visible property to to the context variable, in this example that would be cVisible


On the check box control set the OnCheck property to update the Context variable

 UpdateContext({cVisible: true})


You can reset the context variable in the checkbox OnUnCheck property to reset as well

to get a toggle effect.

 UpdateContext({cVisible: false})


Hope this helps.

Hi Rodney,


Thanks for your input. Can you maybe sent a screenshot, because I can not get it to work.

Thank you


Create a Context Variable in the OnVisible property of your Screen



Set the Visible property of the Calendar control to the Context Variable



Change the Context Variable accordingly with the OnCheck and UnCheck properties of your Toggle Control.



Hope this helps.



Thanks! It is working. Only problem is that it is affecting all the dates when I check/uncheck. Can it be done so it only affect the relevant date on the record it belongs to?



Hi Henrik, 

In this case you don't need the Context Variable, just set the Visible property of your date control to the toggle button name

I was looking in to how to use the Visible because it isn't straight foward when I started to think it's going to need to be set on the page load. Then I saw you had it all spelled out. NICE! thank you (Y)

Hi Jerome,

Your welcome.

I'm gald you found this useful.

Older question, new functionality. :) Just wanted to make sure this was on the thread now that it's rolling out: Rules capabilities to show/hide and other. 


UPDATE: New link for rules article:  


Hi Rodney,

I have recently started learning powerApps and i came accros your solution to make a column visible based on the value of another column/field.

I am currently looking to know about about the visible property screenshot you had shared. In my screen the visible property is a toggle button (screenshot attached).


Can you please tell me how I am supposed to set the variable i.e. cVisible for this column?

Thanks for your help. 

Hi Wes,


The following link  seems to be not working now.

Do you have any alternate link?

Looks like they may have moved the article as part of the document restructure. Try this:
I am now able to set cVisible in the Visible property under Advanced tab. All sorted now.
Thanks you it's work perfectly

Shouldn't it be:

If(Received.Value=false, false, true)



I don't think you need the 'Selected' option here and if you inclose the expected value of the toggle in double quotes it means you are expecting the output to be a string while the output of the toggle is actually a boolean. It outputs true or false, not "true" or "false".

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct.

You can simply set Visible = Received.Value

@Rodney Craigo this was a big help to me. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you!

@Rodney Craigo  THANK YOU SOOO MUCHHH¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


This is awesome, learnt something today.