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We are setting up a flow to enable users that manage a specific O365 group to pre-populate the linked Planner with tasks stored in an Excel file. In short, the flow consists of:


  • Sending an Excel file to a mail address (let's say, user X)
  • The file is stored onto user X's OneDrive
  • A second flow then kicks in that reads the Excel and adds the tasks to Planner (by first looking up the plans where user X is a member) 


We already saw that in order to achieve this, the recipient account of the Excel file (user X) needs to be member of the O365 group for which you want to add the Planner tasks. However, when running our flow, Flow does not find all Plans when it executes the "List my Plans" action. It now appears that, in order to get the correct result for the "List my plans" action, the user for whom you are listing the plans needs to have accessed the plans first, i.e. you need to sign on with that account (user X), open Planner and open the plan in question.


This is a bit of a problem as our "user X" is a service account that we use to handle a number of other flows, so it's not a real user.


Is there a way around this? And if not, is there a way to be alerted (by means of a flow maybe) when "user X" has been added to this or that Plan, so that we can log in to that Plan with the "user X" account?


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@Filip Wuyts would a "Do until" action solve this for you?


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