Link a local desktop application in a sharepoint site

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Hi everyone ! 
We're currently building the employees dashboard of the company and would like to link the apps every sector of the company uses.


Here are my 2 questions : 

1 - How can i trigger from sharepoint the opening of an application. Let's say it's Photoshop we would like to open ! We assume that anyone working in the company have the .exe in the same place in their repository. Ex C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Adobe Acrobat

2 - I would like to position rights on every link. Let's say i have two dpt in my company 
- design : i want them to have a link to Photoshop.exe

- accountant : i want them to have a link to softwareB

- sales : "" softwareC


Among all I read, none was helpfull :( 
so i'm asking you guys to see if you can help me out.


Thanks a lot for reading and helping.



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