Licensing for external connectors

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Our business case:


We are building an application as a Power Apps canvas application which will be implemented in a Danish municipality with an estimated 1500+ users.

The application is intended to be used by healthcare workers and supporting personal in their daily routine in caring for the sick and elderly. To do just that, they need access to basic information about the specific citizens.

That information is provided by a 3rd party system.

Therein lies the challenge, because the solution will become quite pricy licensing wise, if 1500+ people need to use the app when the app needs to use a Custom connector or the HTTP Request connector which both requires a licensing plan.

5-10 dollars pr user pr month is not an, for the costumer, acceptable prizing. 


We are therefore unable to proceed with development of the application, using Power Apps. 

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@NielsenSegment for external people to access a canvas app will require Power Apps Portals. but there is a cost for that. Not sure there is any other solution.


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@RobElliott Thx for the reply :) 


Perhaps we did not express ourselves correctly... We need a premium connector to connect to an external datasource, which requires a license pr user pr month. 


We have tried with a custom connector as well, which also requires a license. Basisly we are at square one... 


Now we have decided to avoid to Microsoft Power platform, and are going for an IOS application, hence we do not see any other possibilities. 


Thx man! 

It’s a little bit confusing, You tried a premium connector, so you go further to a custom connector, now you want to use an IOS app to connect somewhere, is that so?

Why don’t you build your own connector and submit to Microsoft for review?

What is your real pain?
No need for confusion... :)

If we build our own connector and register it with Microsoft, it will be an premium connector which again means that all users need a license to use the app.
We have 1.500 users + so the license will, no matter which solution we choose, require a very expensive license. Therefor we have decided to develop an iOS app, as such an app can connect to our external data source with no license fee required.

We had hoped that a pure Microsoft solution was possible, but due to the license expenses we see no other solution than building an iOS app.

Hi, I understand your pain, licensing for Flows and Power Apps are not well designed, so the maximum flow runs is 22.0000 even if you pay for it. From My point of view you have the correct solution.

@Joao Livio Thx man ! :)


We appriciate the help, and your efforts in this matter! 


We can only hope that MIcrosoft will take the correct action here... :)