Is there a way to use a condition to compare a list item field value to the previous value?

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I'm new to Flow, but have been working with Nintex workflow for several years in our SharePoint 2013 environment. I have a list in SharePoint Online that is tracking an upcoming meeting date for each item in the list along with several other fields. I would like to create a new calendar item with Flow each time that upcoming meeting date field changes, but I am not sure how to use a condition in Flow to compare the current date in that field with the previous value so it only creates the calendar item when the date is changed.


With a Nintex workflow, there is a conditional start option that allows you to compare the field value with the previous value, but I am not seeing anything like that in Flow. Is there a different approach that might work for this. 


One idea I had was to use a second date field, and each time the item is modified compare the two. If they are not equal, create the calendar item and copy the value into the second field. If the two fields are equal, do nothing. So, that second field would kind of work like the previous value. I figured there is probably a more elegant solution though. 


Any other ideas are appreciated!



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If you've found an answer, I'd love to hear it.@some guy 

@MikeCarbs the only way is to add another column. That column gets populated by an action in the flow whenever the first item is created or modified. Then you can do a comparison.


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