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Has anyone else noticed that  the functionality provided on the Power Apps page and the Flow page are not the same, yet they are in the same Admin Center. The Power Apps page provides, search and sorting, but this is not available for Flows.


These types of inconsistencies are becoming all to common in the admin pages in O365 services. Every page that lists many items should be searchable, filterable, and sortable. Admins should also be able to choose which metadata columns are visible. This is basic functionality that should be part of the minimum viable product specifications.


@Kerem Yuceturk

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Hi Dean, 


You are absolutely correct that this inconsistency is not aligned with our design practices.  Our team is actually working right now to migrate the capabilities of the PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Admin Centers into the new, unified Power platform admin center -  As they are migrated, we will align with the same standards and capabilities for both the app & flow management experiences. 



James Oleinik

Thanks, that sound encouraging, but there is nothing in that new admin portal to give me any clues about the future functionality.  Can you share any information about what we can expect to get and when to expect it?