If column value of one item in list 1 match column value of items in list 2, send email (how to?)

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Hi all! 
I have two sharepoint list: List 1 is "Market Intelligence Library" and List 2 is "MI Interest" (see example screenshot attached). List 1 acts as a library to house news articles that are tagged by "Category", "#hashtag", and "Geography" related to the article. List 2 acts as an email distribution list and individual notification preference for articles that contain certain "Category", "#hashtag", and "Geography" tags. Is there a way to send an email via power automate to those in List 2 only if the value in their "Category", "#hashtag", and/or "Geography" matches an item (news article) tags in list 1? Only one column of the three need to match to be notified (contain matching values in either "category", "#hashtag", or "geography"). My trigger right now is "when an item or file is modified" from List 1. Specifically, when an item in list 1 status is moved to "released", then those in list 2 should be emailed if the value in one of the three columns match. 

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Certainly. Use Power Automate with a trigger set for modifications in List 1 when an item's status is "released." Create a flow that checks if values in the "Category," "#hashtag," or "Geography" columns in List 1 match those in List 2. If a match is found, send an email to the corresponding individuals in List 2. Utilize conditions and the "Send an email" action in Power Automate for this process.
Thank you Jenifar - that is the logic I assumed would work but I am having difficulties build out the actual flow to check the values. I have been playing around and watching some videos but no luck yet! Could you provide a sample flow how this could be done?