I am trying to put a table into a power app just for demonstration purposes.

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As the subject line states, I am trying to put a table into a power app (just for demonstration purposes). My boss made a PowerPoint file and he simply copied and pasted an Excel table onto a PowerPoint page. I mention this because I was able to select the table on the PowerPoint page, copy it, and successfully paste it into a new Excel page.

But, unless there is a trick or process I do not know about, I do not think I can paste it the same way onto a Power App page through the Power App Studio.

But I can save the Excel file and this holds the promise of importing the table into Power App Studio this way.

When I click on the option to add a Data table:



I can select a data source by selecting on "Connect to data" on the component



But this is where things do not work. I get a different error depending on the format of the file:





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@wm-thompson You have to format the data in excel as a "Table". Then only you can select that table in Power Apps data source.


Follow these steps:

  1. Open your excel file in edit mode
  2. Select the whole table (rows & columns where you have the data), then click Insert from top menu and then click Tableganeshsanap_0-1707303361490.png
  3. Check "My table has headers" and click OK: ganeshsanap_1-1707303427635.png
  4. Then you can provide name to your table like: ganeshsanap_2-1707303489255.png
  5. Save your excel file, then add connection to file in your Power Apps. Now you should see and select your table in the app as data source (table name will be same as you provided in step #4).

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