How we can allow a ComboBox to filter and get items from sharePoint when the related sharePoint list

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I have a SharePoint list named Assets which contain around 3,200 items, as follow (last item has a title = Screen2999):-





Now inside the Power Apps canvas application, i added a ComboBox which is linked to the Assets list inside a form, as follow:-







now the combobox will only show 2000 items out of the 3200 items, which is understandable since Power apps can only get 2000 items per request. but even if i type the Asset title as "Screen2999" inside the combobox i will not get the related item... so is there a way to allow the Combobox to get any item from SharePoint list as per our filter/search? or the combobox will only filter the 2000 items it already get? if this is the case, then how we can solve this issue?





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