How to Restrict who can create a Flow from a SharePoint list?

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I have asked this on the Flow forum as well, even though a user has Contribute or Edit permissions on a list, is it possible to disable the ability to create a Flow on that list if the user does not belong to a certain group, such as Site Owners?


Sorry, just realized I forgot to mention this in regards to a Modern SharePoint list.

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Flow is user based so you can't really restrict it because if you have access to the item you can manipulate it with flow. That said you have to restrict access period to stop user flows from being used. However not sure about flow's that you can attach to the list itself as a button or whatever. I'll have to look around and see on that, good question :p

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your reply.


My list has two Flows that I as the site owner created to populate certain fields when an item is submitted, these are the only two Flows that should ever be allowed to run. If a user is able to create their own Flow, they could change the status of the Approval field or another field if they desired, this is not acceptable.


If you create a custom permission to only allow submitting an item but no editing is allowed would Flow respect that permission?