How to create casacding drop downs basesd on a multi select lookup table

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I am trying to restrict the user entering data into my power app by filtering the choices. So for example I have two lists.

  • List 1: Product Details
  • List 2: Records

The Product details list has two columns:

  • Column 1: Category
  • Column 2: Product (Multi select lookup from a product list)


The product list could be as follows


Cat4Prod1, Prod2
Cat5Prod1, Prod3
Cat6Prod2, Prod3


So, what i want to do is select Prod1, Prod2 or Prod3 from a drop down list "Product" and for drop down list "Category" to update with the appropriate Cat# values.


So for example if

  • Product drop down = Prod2
  • Category drop down = Cat2, Cat4, Cat6

When the select has been made I will save the form to the "Records" sharepoint list.


I can get this working without "multi select" in the "Product Column" but it would mean adding allot more records to the "Product Details" list to cover all product to category relationships.


The issue is the multi select values will not display in a drop down to enable filtering.


Any help will be appreciated

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